Overweight challenges may or may not be related to an eating disorder.

Sometimes there are metabolic or neurological issues that affect appetite or cause weight gain.

When you come to see me me about food and weight issues, I want to get to know you and learn what is important to you. 

Most food or weight problems are not isolated, encapsulated issues. As I learn more about you, I can gain a better perspective about  you and your concerns. As you and I come to understand more about the context of your food and weight issues and how they affect your life, we will create a specific, reasonable, step by step plan to help you meet your goals. If you have medical problems, I will consult with your doctor to help monitor any physical issues.

Sometimes you know that you are overweight, and that your eating habits and lifestyle have contributed to weight gain, but you feel helpless to make a change. Maybe your downfall is fast food on the way home from work or late night snacks.  Perhaps you are doing everything you can, exercising regularly and eating reasonably, sticking to healthy food portions and avoiding late night food, but you still struggle with weight management. Maybe you "feel fat" and don't like your body, and your negative self talk gets in the way of your having a healthy relationship with food.

I can help you create a life which is not plagued by food or weight concerns.


Problems with weight are prevalent

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases estimates that two-thirds of adult Americans are currently overweight. While the reasons and situations vary considerably from one individual to the next, it is clear that weight problems are very widespread in America today. Also, not everyone who is overweight wants to do something about it. a little less than 50% of Americans actually want to do something about their weight. And it's no wonder given that many people lose eight only to regain the lost weight and more.

Most plans for weight management are not realistic -- they involve restricting food intake in a way that increases food cravings and general misery. if you are overweight and want to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body,  I can give you guidance and support that doesn't masquerade as a one-time fix.


Diets don't work

Perhaps you've tried dieting. You did the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, or the paleo diet. You find your weight drops when you diet, but you are crabby and  feel deprived and out of sorts, so you return to eating the old way, and the weight returns. You may have dieted numerous times, numerous diets, and gained the weight back again and again. And now you are discouraged and want a better way to get to and maintain a healthy weight. 

The diet industry banks on the fact that 98% of diets fail, that dieters often try a series of different diets, that after stopping a diet, individuals often gain more weight and are heavier than before, and are even more tempted to try a diet again.

Diet on/diet off is not the answer.  I can help you develop a way to eat that is neither restrictive nor radical, and that helps you eliminate food cravings and have consistent energy.

I can help you stop yo-yo dieting and develop a better relationship with food.


My own experience with weight issues

I have considerable personal and professional experience with food and weight issues.  When I was 11, I became obsessed with my weight, thought I was fat (although I had just had a growth spurt and in fact was only a little  bigger than some of my peers), and started to diet. The reasons were complex, but the process resembled any other addiction. I read countless magazines that were filled with diet suggestions, and tried them, one after another, and sometimes several together. Somehow I kept my family in the dark about what I was doing, and managed to avoid mealtimes with my parents and dumped my lunch at school. I thought about food, dreamt about food, craved food, but resolutely stuck to whatever rigid scheme I had decided to follow. Until I would get so hungry and out of sorts that I would eat half a cake!. Then the day after eating all that cake, I'd return to dieting -- and just eat oranges, or another time, lettuce and celery only. I developed the classic yo-yo, starve-binge cycle that many dieters experience.

Unfortunately, my weight obsession went unchecked, and I eventually developed a full blown eating disorder. It took me many years to admit that I really had a problem, to get help, and to develop a ;healthy relationship with food. Having come through my own  journey regarding food and weight issues, I understand the pain of those struggling with weight.  I also know recovery is possible. Professionally, in the past thirty-plus years I  have worked successfully with hundreds of people and families where weight has been a central issue. 

Being overweight, or yo-yo dieting, can create medical and psychological problems. If you have a problem with food or weight, or are concerned you are developing one, I encourage you to get help. I provide guidance, support, information, reminders and a host of special tools to help you make and maintain changes.

Wherever you are on your journey, it's not too late to get help. Call me at 415-602-1403 or contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation.